Tamares Bochum Partner Limited Gibraltar acquired the freehold for 45 Wittener Street, Bochum, Germany on 28th December 2005.

Bochum is located within the German ‘Rhine Rhur Area' which is a growing region and has good public transport links and a comprehensive motorway network. By car, Bochum is thirty minutes away from Dusseldorf and Cologne. Bochum has 400,000 inhabitants and a number of major companies have chosen to locate their headquarters here such as Opel and Nokia.

The property is divided into 6 buildings, of which 5 are newly built and the existing building has been extensively refurbished as part of the project. As a result of the new scheme, the design and fit of the building is very modern and done to a high specification. The building comprises over 25,000 sq m (275,000 sq ft) net internal area and an additional 462 underground and outside car parking spaces.

The property was purchased with Deutsche BP (100% subsidiary of BP plc) in sole occupation. The tenant has signed up to a new 10 year lease which will expire in 2016.